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"Bid Ocean gives our teams--which span time zones and territories--instant visibility to potential work in the market. With the tool, we can make better business decisions and keep our teams in the field rehabilitating pipelines and sustaining lifelines for communities."
Vice President, Sales | Insituform
"Love this Daily Report."
Vice President, Sales

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Search and find profiles, bid histories and Key Contacts

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Search, find, communicate with Subcontractors in over 100 specialties

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Search, find and reach vendors who supply materials, equipment, services and more

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From early planning to bidding, find and receive notifications on opportunities

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Get access to opportunity reports, plans and specifications.

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Find qualified MBE, DBE, WBE, First Nations, Veteran and Other Categories

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  • Get automated emails of projects and opportunities directly to your inbox every day
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  • Post your own projects and needs to the members to recruit participation in your needs
  • Search projects by over 150 categories, by state/county, timing and more
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Equipment, Machinery, Vehicles

Welding equipment and supplies, snow removal equipment, cranes, autos and light trucks & more Learn More

Purchase, Rental, or Lease Goods

ADA compliance products, wind energy, radio equipment, office furniture & more Learn More

Construction Materials

Drywall, cement, steel pipe, structural steel, electrical wire and cable & more Learn More

Items for Sale, Lease, Trade

Construction material, equipment and vehicles, real estate, surplus goods & more Learn More

Specialty Trades

AV systems, pressure washing, stone masonry, lighting, landscaping & more Learn More

Architecture, Engineering, Surveying

Surveying, design-build, construction management, geotechnical services & more Learn More

Roads, Paving, Bridges

Roadway lighting, railway crossing, roads and paving, rumble strip milling & more Learn More

Building Trades

Flooring, HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, roofing, mechanical, telecom & more Learn More

Utility Construction & Rehab

Gas & oil transmission pipeline, instrumentation, solar energy, tunneling & more Learn More

Other Services

Cyber security, aircraft repair, electrical power, property development, printing & more Learn More

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